Annual Conference 2020 of the ‘Exercise and Health’ commission of the German Society of Sport Science.

The topic of health enhancing physical activity is currently considered as "poly pill" with multiple health benefits. The evidence for preventive effects of health enhancing physical activity for many non-communicable diseases is outstanding. Moreover, for several diseases physical exercise is considered comparable or even more effective than existing pharmaceutical therapies.

These findings have increased attention in health sciences and health policy. However, recent surveys show that despite all initiatives, physical activity has decreased in Germany. In addition, the often monodisciplinary research into physical activity and the promotion of physical activity leaves many questions open: How can needs and capabilities of inactive people be adequately taken into account in the "participatory" promotion of health-enhancing physical activity? Does the subjective experience of exercise play a role in the “optimal dose of exercise” in exercise prescriptions and physical activity recommendation? And last but not least: Does the "medicalization" of sport and physical activity have undesirable side effects for sport science and its fields of application?

The annual conference of the ‘Exercise and Health’ commission, celebrating its 25th anniversary, deals with those questions of interdisciplinary health research in sport science. It offers an exchange on current research and its significance for innovative approaches to the promotion of sport and health enhancing physical activity. The keynote lectures by renowned international scientists serve as main impulses, for which Regina Guthold (World Health Organization, Geneva), Panteleimon Ekkekakis (Iowa State University, USA) and Dominic Malcom (Loughborough University, UK) could be recruited.

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